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Kristi Sorensen-Reid  LMT, NMT, MTI

Clinical Massage Therapist, Massage Therapy Instructor

I have been a practicing massage therapist and certified neuromuscular therapist since 2003.  Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of settings, including spa and chiropractic offices, before I opened my own practice in 2005.  In 2011 I had the oppertunity to expand my business by taking on Therapeutic Massage of Texas.  In 2016 I had the good fortune to share space with talented and like minded therapists at Therapeutic Massage Associates, LLC.


I approach my therapy with the desire to work in concert with the client and their healthcare team to create a positive change.  By restoring balance to the body, I work not just to alleviate symptoms of discomfort but also to address the root cause.


I am Certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and Orthopedic Massage (James Waslaski).  I also have advanced training in Myofascial Release (Barnes technique), Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Bushland technique), and Touch for Health.


In 2005 I began instructing students in Neuromuscular Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Pathology for Massage Therapists, Kinesiology for Massage Therapists, Postural Assessment for Massage Therapists, Myofascial Release, and Hot Stone Massage.   I wish to create exceptional  therapists that are knowledgeable and proficient, in order to better help clients.  Therapists should have the skills to communicate effectively with other providers in both the Medical and Alternative Medical communities. 

Therapeutic Massage of Texas

Achieving Balance Through Bodywork
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