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There are many techniques that can be used to help you with pain reduction, range of motion, rehabiliation, and recovery from both acute and chronic conditions. Massage also serves as an effective method of improving wellness and maintaining overall health for every individual.

Post Therapy Self Care

You may be sore the day after having NMT work done.  This is normal.  Ice the affected area several times for a few minutes at a time.  If this doesn't work, you may wish to take a natural or over the counter pain killer to help with managing the soreness.

Some other symptoms that you may experience are  headache, lethergy, crankiness and general malaise, like you might be "coming down with something".  This happens as your body processes wastes and toxins released during massage.  Drink more water and keep drinking water.  This often eases these symptoms.

Maintaining your body work is a matter of self care and good ergonomics.  Evaluate your daily habits and make sure that your are using good practices and techniques in your work and play.  

Maintaining and Building on your Massage


After your appointment you may notice that you are able to stand up straight with little to no effort.  If you had an area of pain, you may notice that it is less painful or that joints move more freely. These are some of the goals that can be attained with a therapeutic massage.


You were probibly given some suggestions for muscles to tone and stretches to do at home.  It is important to follow these suggestions to maintain the effects of your massage.  These suggestions were made to combat the effects of negative postures we hold for prolonged periods of time, everyday.  These habits are what create muscle imbalance and pain over time.


Getting regular massage will reinforce all the other positive changes and build on your effort.

Therapeutic Massage of Texas

Achieving Balance Through Bodywork
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